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Top Reasons to Get a Home Refinance

Learn about the many great reasons to refinance your home loan

Shorten Your Loan Term

Pay off your mortgage sooner than you hoped! Are you worried about paying your monthly mortgage payments out of your retirement income? Refinancing into today’s low interest rate loans can allow you to shorten the repayment of the mortgage without a big jump in your monthly payments. More: Think how wonderful it can feel to be mortgage free by the time you retire. That could be your new reality with a new rate and term mortgage refinance that shortens your repayment term from 30 years into 15 years.

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Changing From an ARM to a FRM

Go from an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate mortgage. If you are still in an adjustable rate mortgage and worried because rates are rising, then you need know it is not too late to refinance into a low, FIXED rate mortgage. With today’s rates still at a historical low percentage, it is a great time to get out of that adjustable rate mortgage and into a fixed rate mortgage before the rates are too high.

Consolidate Your Debt

With lower interest rate than you have on your credit cards. If your mortgage amount is lower than your home’s value, a debt consolidation loan can be a viable way to pay your debt at a lower rate of interest. You can cut up those credit cards once you pay them off, and keep your monthly payments lower than when you were paying the mortgage plus all those credit cards. Your interest rate will go down. Your payment will go down. And you can stop worrying about how to stretch your paycheck to cover all your expenses each month.

Home Refinance Options, Refinance, Cash Out Refinance, Cash Out Home Refinance

Home Improvement Loan

A cash out refinance home loan can be the most economical way to pay for needed home improvements and updates to your home. Instead of paying a higher interest rate for an uncollateralized loan, you could refinance and use the cash out for that new roof or other needed home improvements. Other home improvement loans include the 203K FHA loan and the USDA home improvement loan. …More: Our homes for many of us are the largest investment we may make in our lifetime, but in order to keep their value, homes need updates and maintenance. When cash flow is tight, taking cash out of the home though home loans can actually boost a home’s value and protect your investment. For a common-sense approach to making the decision to use equity to pay for home improvements, talk to us now.

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