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Homeowners are realize that refinancing can either be considered a opportunity or a necessity. Regardless of which one it is, it is a decision that will require thoughtful consideration and research. Answering a few basic questions can begin to guide you in the right direction towards a beneficial refinance and a better future.

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Where Do I Start?

Mortgage originators, or loan officers can refinance your home. Because loan officers are current on not just rates, but also on special loan programs available today, a loan officer is a great starting place. They can explain what documents will be required, and what to expect during the process. Loan officers can walk you through any questions the loan underwriters may have for your specific situation. Contact us today, to find out what you may qualify for today.

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Shorten Your Loan Term

Pay off your mortgage sooner than you hoped! Are you worried about paying your monthly mortgage payments out of your retirement income? Refinancing into today’s low interest rate loans can allow you to shorten the repayment of the mortgage without a big jump in your monthly payments. More: Think how wonderful it can feel to be mortgage free by the time you retire. That could be your new reality with a new rate and term mortgage refinance that shortens your repayment term from 30 years into 15 years.

Home Improvement Loan

A cash out refinance home loan can be the most economical way to pay for needed home improvements and updates to your home. Our homes for many of us are the largest investment we may make in our lifetime, but in order to keep their value, homes need updates and maintenance. When cash flow is tight, taking cash out of the home though home loans can actually boost a home’s value and protect your investment. For a common-sense approach to making the decision to use equity to pay for home improvements, talk to us now.